Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Among our children there are many  who have no family to return to during the summer vacation. It is for our orphaned and for other children who might get hurt either emotionally or physically while staying with their parents, that Hamifal operates an additional special Summer Camp.

The Summer Camp lasts for ten days in August. The activities include trips, sailing, swimming, creation classes, sports, competitions, cinema, museums, etc.

It is an enjoyable framework of social activities, in which the children can feel free and occupy themselves only with the things they like. For these children who carry their traumatic childhood experiences, and who are bound to make great efforts and cope with many difficulties during the school year, this framework is a real opportunity to loosen-up and relax, and to get acquainted with the brighter side of life.

The objective of this project is to supply these children with positive educational experience, which will serve as an impetus to building a healthy personality, optimistic and well functioning in the society.

The Summer Camp is accompanied by close guidance of staff members from all the Children’s Homes, and with a professional training team to ensure the best results.

The cost of a Summer Camp per child is $500

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