Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Every year “Hamifal’s” celebrates for the children who reached the age of 13 (12 for girls) a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

We at “Hamifal”, understand the importance of this event for every Jewish Child; the symbolic ceremony of a child reaching adulthood, learning about his/her Jewish heritage, understanding his responsibilities as a Jew and even the simple feeling of being special for one day. We try our best to make this event as meaningful as possible for each individual boy and girl. With the personal histories of our children, this “passage” becomes even more important.

We try to provide these children with the same experience any other Jewish child around the world deserves ,on this important day of their lives.

As every parent knows this event is costly, even conducted in the most modest manner, we do not have a budget for this and can do only the bare minimum to celebrate this occasion.

Total Cost per Child $635 (for clothing , religious articles, prayer book, Bible, Talith, Tefillin, Tsitsit, Preparation – Religious Training.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Party & Trip to celebrate it in Jerusalem by the Kotel (Western Wall)

We would like to take the Bar / Bat Mitzvah children with their parents on a day trip- to mark this special event in their lives. The trip  to Jerusalem, including a visit to the Western Wall and other religious and historical sites, and a nice lunch in a restaurant

Cost of this trip for children, their parents and staff $5,500 (for minimum of 20 children)

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