Neve Yehuda Children’s Village, Ness Tziona

Neve Yehuda Children’s Village, Ness Tziona

The Neve Yehuda Children’s Village, was opened in 1977 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for religious children from the surrounding areas, who were removed from their homes and the custody of their parents by court order.

Operated and managed by Hamifal, the Neve Yehuda Children’s Village today is home to 98 children aged 6-18 who live across 8 family units and a further 15 local children who arrive daily from the local town for special after-school programs.

The Village’s goal is to provide the children with a supportive ”home” atmosphere, to advance significantly their educational level through, rehabilitation, personal and cultural experience- all within a family- unit model. Through this model which enable an individual care we can help them improve their self-esteem, and abilities, to cope with educational, cultural gaps and to give them the best tools necessary for a young person to succeed in Israeli society.

Ongoing supportive educational, cultural and social activities: (are conducted along with the school’s curriculum):

  • Extra tutorial lessons – given by special teachers during the afternoons.
  • Art therapy – Non-verbal therapy is used to help children to express their emotions.
  • A library – which includes a rich verity of literature and a computer lab.
  • Recreational classes – take place both within the Village and in the Community Center.
  • Sport Activities – the village emphasizes on participating in sports activities. most of the children are involved in professional sport activities such as running and football team
  • Children’s Council – Elected by democratic process. The council initiates and carries our social activities, participates in making and implementing decisions concerning the Home.
  • Individual Coaching  – In addition to the educational staff, university students conduct extra curricular, social enriching activities, and volunteers give them warm personal care and attention.
  • “The Lollipop” – Children’s Bank”  enables the children living in the Village, to enjoy a fast electronic purchasing experience. Each child received a personal magnetic card with a unique code. The card is loaded up (to be used as credit) with the child’s allowance, every month, by the Village’s management. With the card they can purchase products at the machine shop – the candy, and manage the funds deposited in their account In addition, the children and youth participated in workshops on wise budget management.
  • Summer camps activities – fun activities provided during the summer for children who can not return to their homes.
  • Bnei Mitzvah” project – a traditional project has been conducted successfully for many years, with the cooperation of the child’s own family.

This Village also provides a facility for 15 children at high risk from the city of Ness Tziona who live at home, but need an after school day care framework.

The children that attend the center are extremely neglected, and come from impoverished families without the means or the knowledge to provide them with their basic needs, such as regular meals, bathing, and supervision at home to keep them from roaming the streets. They often experience unstable emotional home life, and are exposed to violence within their families. They also lack other conditions for a normal childhood such as help with their homework, physical exercise, play, and therapy to deal with their emotional problems.

In the After School-Day Care Center within the Children’s Village, they stay until 7 p.m. in the evening. They receive a hot lunch; have assistance in preparing their homework; have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular enrichment classes in music, dance, and sports along with the other children in the Village and meet with a social worker or psychologist to help them with their emotional problems as needed. Before returning to their homes in the evening, they receive supper, and take a shower.

Village Director: Binyamin Chen HaLevi

1 Margolin St. P.O.B 87 Ness Ziona 70400 Tel :+972- 8-9407645 Fax: + 972- 8- 9404454