Neve Ha'Roe Children’s Village, Ashkelon

Neve Ha’Roe Children’s Village, Ashkelon

The “Neve Ha’Roe” Children’s Village, Ashkelon was opened in 1977 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for religious children at-risk from Ashkelon. Operated and managed by Hamifal, The Neve Ha’Roe Children’s Village today is home to 72 children aged 5-17 who live across 6 family units.

Our mission is to rehabilitate children at-risk by providing them with a nurturing and loving home within a family unit structure. This model serves as a substitute framework from their biological homes that were posing a threat/danger to their lives and furthermore, is vital for the healthy development of any child.

We educate our children according to universal values, Jewish principles and Zionist beliefs that promote tolerance and respect for others.

Neve Ha’Roe is a State Religious Home and thus its daily routine is according to the traditional religious nature. This is expressed in its daily life proceedings that strengthen and deepen Jewish identity by observing the Sabbath, marking Jewish holidays and celebrations, as well as encouraging the children to participate in state religious youth movements such as Tzedek and Bnei Akiva.

The synagogue, located within the Neve Ha’Roeh village, is used not only for holding services but also for afternoon Torah classes and other religious oriented activities. Hamifal encourage educational and extra-curricular support as we see the direct result they have in boosting a child’s confidence, promoting empowerment and independence.

Neve Ha’Roe Children’s Village have ongoing supportive educational, cultural and social activities that are conducted alongside the school curriculum and include:

  • Extra tutorial lessons administered by special education teachers during the afternoons
  • An Educational Center that includes a computer class
  • Art therapy is used to help children express their emotions
  • A Library with a diverse selection of literary works
  • Recreational Classes take place within the Village and the local community center
  • Entertainment Center – the Village is equipped with a variety of games and toys. Every year, new games are purchased and introduced to the collection
  • A Summer Camp is organized for the children and includes fun activities
  • Bnei Mitzva Project – a traditional and highly successful program held in cooperation with the child’s biological family.

The following is a testimony of Lea, a graduate of the Ashkelon Children’s Home:

“I arrived at the Children’s Home at the age of 7, as a very vulnerable girl, who very much needed the embrace of warm and loving parents. The village gave me love, warmth and a solid ground. Thanks to the efforts of all the staff at the Children’s Village, I succeeded in reaching the point where I am now. You educated me and gave me the love and support that was non-existent in my biological family; you recognized my distress and misery and strengthened me when I felt weak; you cherished me for my unique abilities and empowered me in any possible way. Thanks to the tools I acquired in this home, I was able to fulfill my dreams. Today I am proud to have raised a loving family of my own including 3 precious kids and a wonderful husband. You are my role model in educating my children.

On behalf of hundreds of children who grew up in this Home, I would like to thank you and all the staff for playing such a significant role in our lives. If it wasn’t for you all we wouldn’t be who we are today. You and the family of the Children’s Home are my dearest and loving family. “

For further information on Neve Ha’Roe Children’s Village Ashkelon or any of Hamifal’s frameworks please get in touch with the Fundraising department

Village Director: Nissim Tzadok

6 Shvil Yoav Street PO Box 9009 Ashkelon 78102 Tel :+972- 8-6726432 Fax: + 972- 8- 6724447