Neve Galim Children’s Village, Ashdod

 Neve Galim Children’s Village, Ashdod

The “Neve Galim” Children’s Village was opened in 1977 and is located in the center of Ashdod. Due to it’s location it has access to all community services, which enable our children to integrate more easily and enjoy all that the city offers. The Village houses and educates 84 children aged 7-18, in 7 family- units.

Our goals concentrate on two major aspects:
First, to minimize learning gaps in the children’s formal education, and second, to expand their informal education, while providing all basic needs essential for normal development.

The family-model provides the children with a home atmosphere and rehabilitating experience. This model enables us to relate to each child individually and to pay special attention to his distress and difficulties.

Our investment in these children has a crucial impact in shaping their future as healthy, useful adults, both for themselves and for society.The children participate in special activities and recreational classes, which take place in the facility and in the Community Center.

The Village is proud to have professional choir and dancing group that participate in community events and receive many complements for their performances and ongoing supportive educational, cultural and social activities. 

A wide variety of recreational classes – which take place both at the Village and the Community Center:

  • Educational center –This building used as a central public center for conducting various kinds of activities: extra curricular classes, a computer room and a library that aims to improving the educational level
  • Therapeutic center that allow care by a variety of methods to answer the child’s specific needs
  • A cultural and social center – that conducts social activities of enrichment for children and their families.
  • A professional choir dancing and theater group that performs on city’s major events
  • “Animal Corner”, that allows zoo therapist to work with the children on trust and helps newly absorbed children to adjust to the new framework.
  • Children Bank” which enables the children living in the Village, to enjoy a fast electronic purchasing experience. Each child received a personal magnetic card with a unique code. The card is loaded up (to be used as credit) with the child’s allowance, every month, by the Village’s management. With the card they can purchase products at the machine shop – the candy, and manage the funds deposited in their” account”. In addition, the children and youth participated in workshops on wise budget management.
  • Children’s Council – Elected by democratic process. The council initiates and carries our social activities, participates in making and implementing decisions concerning the Village.
  • Building a bridge – Biological Parent and Child Relations workshops- a program that can increase parental involvement and empower our children’s biological’s parents
  • Summer camp activities – fun activities provided during the summer for children who can not return to their homes.
  • Bnei Mitzvah project – a traditional project has been conducted successfully for many years, with the cooperation of the child’s own family.

Close contacts are maintained with our graduates, most of whom integrate successfully into the Israeli society and have built a new life.

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