Neve Elisha Children’s Village, Givat Ada

Neve Elisha Children’s Village, Givat Ada

The Givat Ada Children’s Village, was opened in 1984 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for children from the surrounding areas, who were removed from their homes and the custody of their parents by court order.

Operated and managed by Hamifal, the Givat Ada Children’s Village today is home to 46 children aged 4-17 who live across 4 family units.

Our mission is to rehabilitate children at-risk by providing them with a nurturing and loving home within a family unit structure. We view our model as an ideal substitute framework from their biological homes that were posing a threat/danger to their lives. Furthermore, that our model presents vital characteristics for the healthy development of any child.

The Village has a diverse staff including Village Director, Therapeutic Team, Educational Team and Maintenance Team.

One of our educational approach is the integration of children in cultural and sports activities of the community. This approach achieved through the participation of children in activities that take place in the community Center, in their integration with the schools nearby and in other community events


Hamifal encourage educational and extra-curricular support as we see the direct result they have in boosting a child’s confidence, promoting empowerment and independence. Neve Yehuda includes the following:

Educational center, which used as a central public center for conducting various kinds of activities: extracurricular classes, a computer room and a library that aims to improving the educational level

Therapeutic center that allow care by a variety of methods to answer the child’s specific needs

A Cultural and Social center that conducts social activities of enrichment for children and their families.

Animal Corner, that allows zoo therapist to work with the children on trust and helps newly absorbed children to adjust to the new framework.

Summer camps activities – fun activities provided during the summer for children who can not return to their homes.

Bnei Mitzvah Project – a traditional project has been conducted successfully for many years, with the cooperation of the child’s own family.

Bikes for life – Cycling activities that promote a healthier lifestyle, stress relief and respite as well as adventure and bonding opportunities.

Surfing activities – the ultimate form of escapism, fun, relax but at the same time in control

The following is a testimony by Elinor, Givat Ada graduate:

“I graduated from this Children’s Village four years ago. For nine years, I was educated here and received tools for life. I won’t lye and tell that that was easy. I was faced with numerous challenges and know I wasn’t the easiest child. But, with time I understood that everything was being done for my benefit. I graduated with full matriculation and today work in a managerial role at an Insurance company and I am also in the second year of my BA in special Education. Standing here in front of all of you, I can proudly say that who I am today is thanks to what I learnt here and from the amazing staff. Today I am back here, supporting my little brother Jonathan. Jonathan is graduating here after 13 years and I am so proud of him. He has grown into a true gentleman. He is smart, has a kind and generous heart and has the greatest morals and values. Jonathan loves his country, contributes to his community and society whenever possible and is always there to lend a helping hand. He has also completed full “matriculation and I know that because of this place, the sky is the limit for him….”

For further information on the Givat Ada Children’s Village or any of Hamifal’s frameworks please get in touch with our Fundraising Department

Village Director: Akiva Yehiel

Address: Yoseftal neighborhood. P.O.B 7 Giva’t Ada 37808 Tel :+972-4- 6389317 Fax: + 972-4-6288148