Independent Family Units

  Independent Family Units

Independent Homes derive from the need to provide a response for Children in need of out-of-home care and the desire of local authorities to establish Mishpachtonim in the community.

All of our Independent Homes work under the same Family Model as all other Hamifal frameworks. The model that believes in the family unit as the best environment for children to grow up in. Each of our independent homes also has a foster couple who serve as the Home Managers and foster approximately 12 children and together live in a single living unit usually within the community of a town or city.

The family units located within communities enable direct cooperation of biological parents, where possible, and assist in improving the quality of life of our kids. The local welfare department are also partners in the upbringing of these children and help the family units in achieving the educational and rehabilitative goals of these children at risk.

Rishon LeZion Family Unit

Managers: Hadar and Michael Dahan

Address: 14 Milton Friedman Street, Rishon LeZion

Tel: 03-9415588

Beit Suzanne, Ramat Gan Family Unit

Managers: Iris and Yaron Keter

Address: 27 HaKabam Street, Ramat Gan

Tel: 03-6761901

Hadar Family Unit, Kibbutz Saad

Managers: Moriah and Elkana Mintz

Address: Kibbutz Saad, D.N. Negev 85140

Tel: 08-6800482

Or Simha Family Unit, Kfar Chabad

Manager: Yossi Klein

Address: PO Box 21 Kfar Chabad 60840

Tel: 03-9606137

Wizo Nir HaEmek Family Unit

Managers: Avi and Kidi Dejen

Address: 4 Sara Malhin, Nir HaEmek PO Box 2165 Afula 18445

For further information on our Independent Homes or any of Hamifal’s frameworks please get in touch with our Fundraising department