Hurfesh Children’s Village

Hurfesh Children’s Village

Hurfesh Children’s Village is the first and only Children’s Home for the Druze population in Israel and the world. It was opened in 1988 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for Druze children and youth at-risk, who were removed from their homes and the custody of their parents by court order.

Operated and managed by Hamifal, the Hurfesh Children’s Village is catered to the Druze community and today, is a home to 84 children aged 3-18 who live across 7 family units. Hamifal, the Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture and the local Council of Horfesh cooperated to envision, finance and  establish the Village. It is located in the Northern Galilee in a densely populated area of the Druze village of Hurfesh and stands out for maintaining Druze heritage throughout the villages educational philosophy.

It is part of the local community in every sense and works together in providing these children and youth at-risk with a sense of cultural awareness, pride and safety despite the biological homes they had to leave.

A supportive educational and cultural program operates side by side with the formal curriculum and includes: extra tutoring by professional teachers, art therapy, which is used to help children with verbal difficulties to express themselves and a wide variety of recreational classes, which take place both on the premises and within the community. Last year we were able to open a special classroom for newly admitted children who suffer from huge learning gaps an for a while can not integrate within the regular schooling system.

A Board of Friends is being formed in the Druze community in order to help the Village raise funds for the children’s welfare.

If you wish to take an active part in this important project and get involved in what is being done please contact us, we would be happy to provide you with any further information, and take you to visit the Village as well .

Village Director: Median Abu Issa

Address: P.O.Box 839, Hurfesh 25155 Tel :+972- 4-9575025/6 Fax: + 972- 4- 9575024