Hamifal – Educational Children’s Homes was established in 1943 in Jerusalem by founder of Aliyat HaNoar and Israel Prize Recipient the late Mrs. Recha Frier.
Within a few years, with the support of the late cherished educator, Mr. David Apel the placement of individual children between the ages of 6-12 began in Kibbutzim, that had the suitable educational and financial capabilities to absorb external children. The placement method in the form of Fostering Families within Kibbutzim and towns stands, till today as one of the chosen educational frameworks of Hamifal.
In 1973, under the late Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Yigal Alon the Kibbutzim placement of needy children was restricted and there was a shift in child placement. He considered Hamifal‘s Homes as major provider for needy children and promoted the enlargement of Hamifal’s work and thus the establishment of a network of Children’s Homes across Israel.
One of Hamifal’s major concerns, at the time, was to find alternative solutions for the absorption of those children who did not fit the criteria set by Kibbutzim for absorption. Facing its new challenges, Hamifal wanted to establish new frameworks that would answer the changing needs of a new Israeli society. From this new reality,  Children’s Home were established made up of several autonomous family units. In essence, the children were accommodated in old schools and deserted housings, renovated and fit to serve as a “Children’s Home” based on the “Educational Family Model”.
According to the model, ten different children of various ages were placed together with a couple, similar to a model of a biological family, accompanied by an educational-therapeutic and rehabilitating team, including a social worker, psychologist, art therapist, special education teacher, etc. This in essence, was when the Educational Family Model was born!
Today, led by our Director General Moshe Dolev Hamifal is home to over 950 children across 9 secular and religious Children’s Homes and Villages, 5 Family Group Homes and 3 After-School Centers.