HaKfar HaYarok Family Units

  Hakfar HaYarok Family Units

Hakfar Hayarok Family Units were established in 2004 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for children from the surrounding areas and center of Israel. Operated and managed by Hamifal, the Kfar Hayarok is home to 48 children aged 6-17 living in four  family units located on the grounds of the Kfar HaYarok Youth Village.

Our mission is to rehabilitate children at-risk by providing them with a nurturing and loving home within a family unit structure. We view our model as an ideal substitute framework from their biological homes that were posing a threat/danger to their lives. Furthermore, that our model presents vital characteristics for the healthy development of any child.

Hakfar Hayarok Family Units have a diverse staff Family Units Director, Therapeutic Team, Educational Team and Maintenance Team all imperative to a child’s development.

Since these family units are physically located within the Kfar HaYarok Youth Village the children from our family units take part in all of the Village’s social and cultural activities and events. The Kfar HaYarok Village not only provides a very uplifting atmosphere for the children but also provides an educational setting and unique environment for children to grow up in.Hamifal encourage educational and extra-curricular support as we see the direct result they have in boosting a child’s confidence, promoting empowerment and independence.

Hakfar HaYarok activities include the following:

After-School Tutoring, provided by professional teachers at the family units

Art therapy, used to help children to express their emotions non-verbally

Recreational/enrichment classes – take place within the Kfar HaYarok

In-house Choir, coordinated with professional instructors

Summer camp, organized for children who are unable to return to their homes

Bnei Mitzvah Project, held for children of Bar/Bat Mitzvah age each year, with the participation of the child’s family when possible

Animal Corner, on site to encourage contact various activities with animals

Horse Back Riding Therapy, within the Kfar Hayarok

In accordance with the educational model, wherever possible the children keep in contact with their parents and meet with them once every two weeks, and spend two weeks at home during summer vacation.

Units Director: Orna Taus

Tel :+972- 3-7670389 Fax: + 972-3- 6475747

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