Our Philosophy

Hamifal pride itself for creating the Educational Family Model that serves, in our opinion, as the best residential alternative for children at risk. The model to which our frameworks run are based on two major principles:

  1. Educating within a family group setting thus, enabling each child to experience a positive childhood they lacked at home and which they clearly deserve and have the right to.
  2. Treating each child as an individual, placing clear emphasis on a child’s character, personal needs and happiness

What is the Educational Family Model?

Established by Hamifal, the Family Group Model comprises of a framework whereby couples foster  children in a family unit commonly known as the “Mishpachton”. In combining a residential framework and family unit, our model aspires to respond to the special emotional and educational needs children in need have.

Through our model we provide a substitute family environment that replicates a regular biological family as much as possible. Each family unit comprises 12 children (boys and girls) who live together just as siblings with a couple who act as foster parents to these children. The couples choose to move to our frameworks together with their own children and live in an adjacent apartment to the children. The children together with the foster family share communal living quarters and all together share daily chores and a routine lifestyle.

Each family unit homes 12 children (boys and girls) who live together with a couple that serve as their foster parents. The foster parents are a couple who have chosen to take on the role of parents for these children and to live within this setting. Together with their own children live in adjacent living quarters and lead day-to-day lives whilst fostering 12 children. However, there is central joint area including a living room, study room and kitchen shared by the entire family.

The Family Group Model enables us to deliver tailor made care to each child, provide stability, a nurturing environment, safe and warm home. We believe that the Hamifal model assists in maximizing a child’s potential, promote independence and present a safe and warm home.