Carmiel Children's Village

Carmiel Children’s Village

The Carmiel Children’s Village, located in the beautiful Galilee mountains was opened in 1978 to provide an educational and rehabilitative framework for children and youth at-risk who were removed from their homes and the custody of their parents by court order.

Operated and managed by Hamifal, The Carmiel Children’s Village today is home to 215 children aged 5-17 who live across 16 family units. The Carmiel Children’s Village is the largest of Hamifal’s Villages.

In the premises there is also a unit for a dozen  graduates who are either studying or performing their national service.

The Village’s mission is to rehabilitate children at-risk by providing them with a nurturing and loving home within a family unit structure. We view Hamifal’s educational family model as an ideal substitute framework from our children’s biological homes that were posing a threat/danger to their lives. Furthermore, this model presents vital characteristics for the healthy development of any child.

The Carmiel Village stands out for its unique “Nest Classroom” designed to help narrow severe learning gaps in children who have recently arrived at the village. Pupils attend the Nest, located on site instead of regular schools for 6-12 months and receive a tailor made project to suit their specific needs. The success rate of the Nest is truly amazing and children graduate and re-enter regular schools with a sense of confidence and empowerment. One of Hamifal’s goals is to replicate The Nest classrooms in all our networks that require such educational needs.

Hamifal encourages educational and extra-curricular support as we see the direct result they have in boosting a child’s confidence, promoting empowerment and independence.

The Village holds a variety of enrichment activities including Sulamot Philharmonic Music School in cooperation with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra,  a football school, a weekly bulletin, a chess class,  singing group, animal corner and more.

In addition there are long-term programs such as: Young leadership course,  a children’s council and  the Bnei Mitzvah project.

Village Director: Oren Vazana

Address: Carmiel Children’s Home Village, Carmiel 20100 Tel: +972-4-9901000 Fax: 972-4-9886932