A child's home away from home
"Super-Pharm`s" chain stores helped us in gaining public support

New computers in Neve HaRoe Ashkelon Children`s Village

A new therapeutic center in the Lo van Leeuwen Afula Ilit Children`s Village

The secret of this place is the ability of the staff to listen to you

"Helping others and being a leader that part of who I am" Asher Malka one of our graduates in Yediot Newspaper

"Iris is like the sun that lights the way for me and for many other children...I would recommend granting the Dan David prize to Iris Keter.(one of Hamifal`s foster mother)..."

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Neve yehuda
Neve yehuda
Neve HaRoe 2008
Neve HaRoe 2008

Hamifal Educational Children’s Homes is a national organization (regulated and supervised by the Ministry of

Education), founded in 1943 by the late Mrs. Recha Frier to care , educate and rehabilitate children at-risk, aged 4-17, who come from extremely deprived backgrounds. Today, Hamifal cares for over 950 children at risk, with normal intellectual potential, in nine Children’s Village, six Family Group Homes and 3 after-school care centres. The total of 18 frameworks are managed and operated by Hamifal.

The children we care for derive from various backgrounds such as neglect, abandonment, rejection, undernourishment,

physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or economic deprivation in their biological homes.

Hamifal stands out for being the first organization to establish the Family Group Model whereby couples foster 12 children in a familial setting commonly known as the "Mishpachton" format. Our Children`s Villages are composed of 6+ family units that share public living quarters. We strongly believe in the Misphachton philosophy, as in our eyes it presents the ideal substitute for children at-risk.

The Family Group model enables us to relate to each child individually, provide stability and a nurturing environment.

Thus, help them fulfil their potential, promote independence and provide a safe and warm home.

The philosophy of Hamifal is founded on the assumption that children from high-risk backgrounds should have an equal

opportunity for a normal childhood, and live in a secure and stable family environment just like their peers.

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